Commercial Pool Service

We offer commercial swimming pool services in Dade county. We offer commercial swimming pool services including one time swimming pool cleaning services, weekly pool maintenance packages, and pool repair services. Deep End Pool Service does carry the Certified Pool Operator’s (CPO) License. We also carry an extensive insurance policy. This enables us to service your commercial pool legally, unlike most other pool businesses. Our reliable and quality commercial pool service makes us the perfect fit for your commercial pool facility.

Commercial service is full service pool cleaning including:

Tile cleaning

Filter cleaning


Back washing

Ensuring proper signs are around the pool area

Inspection of all pool equipment

Brushing the walls

Pump basket cleaning

Skimmer basket cleaning

Water chemistry balancing (Chlorine, Acid, Bicarb, Calcium, Total Dissolved Solids, Bromine, Salt, Stabilizer, Phosphate) Most companies only do Chlorine, Acid (Ph), Bicarb and Stabilizer

We are passionate about delivering quality service in a promptly manner. Give us a call today (786) 298-7210