Pool Acid Wash

Llerandi Pool Care specializes in performing acid wash techniques. An acid wash is something that is done to get rid of the yellowish look in your pool plaster. Our acid wash consists of us draining your swimming pool with a submersible pump and then using a vacuum to remove the remaining water.Once we have gotten your plaster properly prepared for the acid wash we will apply the acid as well as a special add in that will act to protect your plaster during the wash and to increase the level of whiteness if the plaster after the wash.

We then will perform the acid wash by coating the plaster with this acid/add in mixture and spraying it off after it has done it’s work.

Acid is a dangerous substance. We are professionally trained in its application and wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus during the acid wash. To protect our environment, the acid/water waste is neutralized with soda ash prior to its being removed from the pool.

This is not a do-it-yourselfer project. An improperly applied swimming pool acid wash can really damage your pool plaster. If the acid used is too strong or left on to long it can cause the plaster to crack, flake or bubble.

Acid Wash Includes

Checking and balancing the pool chemicals and shocking the pool if necessary

Surface skimming and bottom debris removal

Cleaning the skimmer baskets

Brushing down all pool surfaces

Backwashing, if necessary

Cleaning the pool deck of leaves and other debris

Cleaning and inspecting the pool equipment

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